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The resources on this website were produced by working groups of senior clinicians, with broad experience in various care settings that provide perinatal care. There has also been consultation and collaboration with a representative group of stakeholders.

The resources reflect what is currently regarded as a safe and appropriate approach to the management of conditions in perinatal care. However, as in any clinical situation there may be factors that cannot be covered by a single set of management plans. The documents should be used as a guide, rather than as a complete authoritative statement of procedures to be followed in respect of each individual presentation.

NOTE: These resources do not replace the need for the application of clinical judgement to each individual presentation.

The resources, as published, describe a reasonable basis on which to establish a safe practice. Clinical care carried out consistent with these documents should be provided within the context of locally available resources and expertise. Access to higher levels of care should be sought in clinical situations above the level of delineation of the service providing the care.

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