**Please note FONT is currently under revision**

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The NSW Fetal welfare, Obstetric emergencies and Neonatal resuscitation Training  (FONT)© education program was developed in 2008, as a risk management strategy, in response to a number of adverse events in maternity care. FONT provides a collaborative interprofessional learning environment, and remains the most extensive, specialised education program for health care providers within any health discipline in New South Wales. FONT has undergone extensive revision by the NSW Maternity Support Network  in 2012 and now incorporates the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) ‘Between the Flags’ education for maternity care. Completion of FONT is mandatory for all NSW Health maternity clinicians (including Obstetricians, General Practitioner Obstetricians, Obstetric Residents and Registrars, Registered Midwives and midwifery students). 

FONT is divided into two main components. These are:

  1. Fetal Welfare Assessment (‘F’)
  2. Obstetric emergencies and Neonatal resuscitation Training (‘ONT’)

Both components include an online and a face-to-face session.  The face-to-face sessions are coordinated and facilitated by clinicians within the NSW Local Health Districts (LHDs).  The online sessions to K2MS Perinatal Training Program can be accessed through this link K2MS Perinatal Training Program For assistance with K2MS please phone 1300 763 989.


“Any references to MoH guidelines within FONT are current at time of publication of the program”