**Please note FONT is currently under revision**

The ‘Interim FONT Program’ has been developed by PSN in conjunction with Maternal, Child, and Youth and Paediatrics (MCYP) and the FONT Clinical Advisory Group (CAG), to provide an updated program for clinicians who require FONT training in 2019.  The Maternity Emergency component of the Interim program may be completed in an 8 hour block as previously, with resuscitation sessions in the afternoon, or in a modular format at the convenience of the facility.

Please log in below to download and save the Interim FONT program resources. The Interim program is aligned with the revised Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Guideline (GL2018_025) and the requirements of the Deteriorating Patient educational program.  For continuity purposes, the learning outcomes of the previous FONT program remain in place.  It is anticipated a ‘new’ redesigned ‘FONT’ Program will be available from the beginning of 2020.  The previous FONT material will be archived. 

Updates and Frequently Asked Questions Interim FONT
A list of FAQs regarding GL2018_025 and the Interim FONT Program will be collated.  Please click here to access the FAQs or access the list of updated presentations (updated as of 2 April 2019). These documents will be regularly updated.

Neonatal Resuscitation training can now be found on MyHealth Learning Newborn Basic Life Support Course Code 130316896

Online training - K2 Medical Systems Perinatal Training Programme:
The K2 program will be ‘switched’ from the current version (which utilises RCOG language) to one utilising RANZCOG language.  Some aspects of the RANZCOG K2 program will not absolutely align with NSW Health Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring GL2018_025, as the NSW Guideline utilises concepts from both RANZCOG and FIGO.  The FONT Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) has looked at the RANZCOG K2 modules from a risk perspective and determined that the K2 education package remains a valuable resource for fetal welfare education during this interim period.

The online sessions to K2MS Perinatal Training Program can be accessed through this link K2MS Perinatal Training Program.  Please phone 1300 763 989 for K2MS login details. 

“Any references to MoH guidelines within FONT are current at time of publication of the program”