About PSN

PSN was formed in 1991 in response to a number of Statewide reviews of maternity and perinatal services; specifically the 1989 Shearman Report, the 1990 Ministerial Working party on neonatal services and the Robinson, Roy et al 1991 External review of Perinatal Services.  The imprimatur was to create a perinatal network, a Perinatal Advice Line (PAL) and a coordinated neonatal retrieval service. 

PSN's aim is to improve the quality and safety of maternal and neonatal care in NSW, through collaboration and continuation of care with service providers, especially to those women and their families at high risk of an adverse outcome due to prematurity and other contributing medical conditions.

PSN brings together clinicians in perinatal medicine to discuss issues of common interest, devise appropriate solutions and advise on policies and resources.  To do this PSN, created a series of working parties and advisory groups with membership drawn widely from the tertiary perinatal and children hospitals which have neonatal intensive care units and care for high risk mothers.  Subsequently, larger general hospitals with special care units were included in the network.

 The role of PSN includes:

  • forums for discussion
  • coordinating the network and monitoring the delivery of statewide perinatal services
  • the development and implementation of clinical policies and practice guidelines through the Ministry of Health
  • operating the Neonatal Intensive Care Units' data collection (NICUS)
  • the PAL with the PSN Midwives and Obstetric Consultants
  • the management of the FONT program and administrative support of ObstetriX (ObX)



pdf Caring for pregnant women for whom transfusion is not an option. A national review to assist in patient care (193 KB)
Giselle KIDSON-GERBER, Ian KERRIDGE,  Shannon FARMER,  Cameron L. STEWART, Helen SAVOIA  and Daniel CHALLIS